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Unofficial, partial vote count for UPR presidency shows Medina leading

By The Star Staff

Unofficial results in the voting for University of Puerto Rico (UPR) president were released for some of the 11 campuses of the UPR system, showing Alexandra Medina, who works at the National Science Foundation, leading the four-person field.

Monday was the deadline for the various academic senates to submit their results in the selection of a UPR president to the UPR governing board. The STAR requested an official copy of the results but it had not been provided as of press time. The results were obtained through sources familiar with the process, but they are preliminary.

Each campus used a four-point system, according to the document obtained by the STAR. The four candidates are Arecibo Campus Chancellor Carlos Andújar, Río Piedras Chancellor Luis Ferrao, UPR Academic Affairs and Research Vice President Ubaldo Córdova and Alexandra Medina, who directs the scholarship program at the National Science Foundation.

At UPR Mayagüez, Medina obtained 4 points, Ferrao 4, Córdova 2 and Andújar 1.

At UPR Bayamón, Ferrao obtained the maximum 4 points, Andújar 3, and Ferrao and Córdova 0.

At the Utuado campus, Córdova obtained 4 points, Andújar 3, and Medina and Ferrao 0.

At the Medical Sciences Campus, Medina obtained 4 points, Andújar 3, and Ferrao and Córdova 0.

At UPR Carolina, Córdova, Medina and Ferrao were the only ones who obtained points but they were not provided.

At UPR Cayey, the Academic Senate selected Medina, the STAR learned, but the points count for the candidates was not available.

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