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UPR Arecibo chancellor to stay at post after run for presidency falls short

University of Puerto Rico Arecibo Campus Chancellor Carlos Andújar Rojas

By The Star Staff

University of Puerto Rico (UPR) Arecibo Campus Chancellor Carlos Andújar Rojas will stay on in his position following an agreement reached with UPR-Río Piedras Chancellor Luis Ferrao Delgado, who last week was elected UPR president.

Andújar was one of four candidates vying to become president, but he received only three votes for the position from members of the UPR governing board. Board members Herman Cestero, Leo Valentín and Mayda Velasco voted for Andújar. UPR Board member Jorge Valentín changed his vote at the last minute to Ferrao, who got eight votes from the 13-member board, according to sources. Most of the academic senates from the 11 campuses had expressed support for another candidate, Alexandra Medina.

Andújar told the STAR that Ferrao told him that he had no reason to remove him and “I have no plans to resign.”

Ferrao has not said publicly whether he will remove some of the chancellors once he takes over as president at the end of the month. He did not return STAR requests for comment.

Andújar lost support, the sources said, after news that the Justice Department was slated to launch a probe into complaints, which UPR had already dismissed, that he used his official government vehicle for personal errands.

The Justice Department reported that its Division of Public Integrity and Comptroller Affairs (DIPAC) determined not to initiate an investigation against Andújar because Act 60 of 2014 does not classify the use of official vehicles for personal matters as a crime but rather as an administrative violation. Act 60 of 2014 applies to agencies, while UPR is a public corporation.

According to the report, “the University of Puerto Rico is the administrative body called upon to determine if the functions of a chancellor of one of its educational institutions continue once the person is at his/her home, to determine if there has been a use suitable for a vehicle owned by the UPR.”

The complaint against the UPR Arecibo chancellor, which was filed by a former aide, said he used the official university vehicle 24 hours a day instead of regular working hours. Andújar denied that he used his vehicle for personal errands but noted that his job requires him to work 24 hours, seven days a week and that his home is an extension of his office.

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