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UPR Arecibo students end strike after parties meet

During the meeting that was held between the UPR-Arecibo chancellor, deans and student representatives, as well as other campus stakeholders, agreements were reached so that face-to-face administrative and academic work could resume.

By The Star Staff

University of Puerto Rico-Arecibo Campus Chancellor Carlos Andújar announced on Thursday that the students in charge of the student strike had ended the demonstration in front of the gates of the campus.

“As academics we are here to promote elevated discussion and dialogue, to achieve an accessible University for everyone,” Andújar said in a written statement. “Returning to face-to-face operations as soon as possible is vital, since there are accreditations to attend to, work to be done, and courses and laboratories that require face-to-face hours.”

During the meeting that was held between the chancellor, the deans and student representatives, educational associations and non-educational personnel, it was possible to reach agreements for the benefit of all parties, so that they could return to face-to-face administrative and academic work.

Andújar noted that since courses and administrative work were uninterrupted during the days in which the demonstration took place, the academic calendar was not disrupted and the academic semester will run as planned.

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