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UPR Carolina, other institutions to receive $4.2 million for economic development

Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González Colón

By The Star Staff

Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González Colón announced Tuesday that Puerto Rico will be receiving a federal injection of $4.2 million to support local entities that fight poverty, promote training to work in construction, as well as clean energy technologies, university research and the promotion of economic development through tourism.

“Puerto Rico’s tourism industry in 2021 generated 86,000 jobs and more than $760 million in revenue,” González Colón said in a written statement. “Despite the devastation of the 2017 hurricanes and more recently the pandemic, we have found a way to soften the impact and nurture economic activity through this market. I congratulate the University of Puerto Rico at Carolina for securing this funding and I welcome this federal investment, which adds to our efforts to reach the maximum potential of Puerto Rico as a tourist destination by providing educational tools to create a solid workforce in the hospitality sector.”

González Colón said the Sor Isolina Ferré Centers will receive $97,950; Sacred Heart University, $215,490; Ana G. Méndez University System, $215,490; Puerto Rican Minds in Action, $516,181; ACOMERPR, $97,950; Mujeres de Islas, $97,950; Moriviví Coordinator, $156,720; Just for Today, $117,540; and Rebuilding Communities with Hope, $156,720.

For its part, the UPR Carolina will receive $751,203 under the Economic Development Administration (EDA) for the establishment of the Caribbean CARES Hospitality Academy project, which helps the campus’s School of Hotel and Restaurant Management in its project to favorably position companies within the tourism and hospitality sectors of both Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands to recover from commercial losses.

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