UPR Ponce to offer online courses

By John McPhaul


University of Puerto Rico-Ponce Campus (UPR-P) Chancellor Tessie Cruz Rivera reminded the university community on Monday that for the upcoming semester, which begins on Aug. 10, classes will be taught through online technologies and, to the extent that the government authorizes it, laboratories and some activities will be offered on site.

“This means that the tasks that can be done remotely will be able to continue like this and only some classes of a clinical nature, such as physical therapy courses, can be carried out under strict health and safety measures for employees and students, as has been prevented at the central level by the University of Puerto Rico,” Cruz Rivera said in a written statement.

UPR President Jorge Haddock, meanwhile, stressed that “the priority of our administration is and will continue to be the health and safety of the entire university community.”

“Now the institution has more than 11,500 courses adapted to online technologies, thanks to the commitment of our teaching and non-teaching staff, who supported my plan to ensure the continuity of operations during this emergency,” he said. “Taking into consideration that COVID-19 continues to be a threat to our population, we will continue with distanced [learning], but we are ready to resume classes in laboratories with strict safety measures as soon as the central government allows it.”

Cruz Rivera noted that 628 students managed to complete their admission for first-time enrollment in August 2020, and 1,874 students have completed their enrollment or selection of courses for the next semester. She also highlighted that 425 students completed their academic degrees in early June. Meanwhile, 22 summer courses, which were offered online, were successfully concluded.

“Despite the situation due to COVID-19 and the earthquakes, during the second semester 2019-2020 that ended [in June], the UPR-P administration continued its administrative work, but above all it successfully served the students,” Cruz Rivera said. “Definitely, the culmination of this semester initiates greater challenges in a new and unprecedented landscape that has moved us to reinvent ourselves as never before. Amid this uncertainty, the opportunity to think and rethink a new university and a new society was born.”

Among the assistance offered by the UPR-P to students is the delivery of food to more than 680 students in collaboration with the Central Administration Quality of Life Office and the Mesón de Amor Home in San Juan. Also, through the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, 98 percent of eligible students received financial aid. Likewise, 82 scholarships of $500 were awarded to students who qualified, according to their financial need, from the Hurricane Maria recovery funds granted by the U.S. Department of Education.

For more information on academic offerings, transfers from other universities and admissions to UPR-P, those interested can communicate through admi.ponce@upr.edu or transfers.uprp@upr.edu by sending name, school or university of origin, date they took the PAA or SAT and their program of interest. They can also communicate through the campus’ social networks on Facebook: @UPR Ponce - University of Puerto Rico in Ponce, and on Twitter: @Ponce UPR.