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UPR receives $128.5M in federal funds to mitigate pandemic

By John McPhaul


University of Puerto Rico (UPR) President Jorge Haddock announced Wednesday that the institution will receive $128.5 million under the federal Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act: Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund II to help students mitigate the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and defray the expenses that the institution has had to incur during the emergency.

Haddock announced that, despite the fact that the United States Department of Education has not yet disbursed the funds, the administration is already taking the corresponding actions so that, once the money is received, the campuses and units can distribute the aid to the students quickly and efficiently, guaranteeing compliance with the applicable legislation and regulations. According to the federal legislation, at least $40.5 million must be distributed as direct financial aid to the UPR student body.

“The granting of financial aid to students is a priority for us,” the UPR president said. “The pandemic caused by COVID-19 has changed the social context and challenges for all members of our university community. This help will allow us to encourage and support our students so that they can focus on their classes and complete their academic and career goals. We are acting proactively to distribute the aid as soon as the federal Department of Education makes the disbursement.”

Haddock said he gave instructions for the university’s units to take the corresponding actions, including the delivery of reports required by the federal agency.

Unlike previous occasions, federal regulations do not require that students be eligible for Title IV aid in order to benefit from financial aid.

The UPR president urged students to be attentive to the institutional email so they are aware of additional details regarding each unit’s distribution of the aid once the funds are disbursed.

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