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UPR union approves strike vote implementation

By The Star Staff

Carlos de León, the president of the Brotherhood of Non-Teaching Exempt Employees (HEEND by its Spanish acronym) of the University of Puerto Rico (UPR), announced Tuesday night that the union had unanimously approved implementing a strike vote.

At a meeting held the previous day at the UPR Cayey Campus, de León said, “and after an extensive debate, it was determined that the time granted to the president of the UPR, Luis Ferrao, to sign the new collective agreement had expired.”

“Therefore, in the face of their inaction, it is up to the workers of the country’s primary educational center to enforce what was agreed and signed at the negotiating table,” the union leader said in a written statement.

“The Brotherhood concluded the negotiation in December 2023. All clauses were signed by the union’s Negotiating Committee and the employer’s representatives,” de León continued. “The stipulation in which the payment of a $3,000 bonus was agreed upon was made after the university administration identified the funds in its budget. This agreement was even approved by the UPR Governing Board (JG) on November 30, 2023. This was stated when it issued and published Certifications 64 and 65, Year 2023-2024. Since then, the university administration has insisted that they need the approval of the Fiscal Oversight Board [sic] before paying what was agreed and they have assumed a comfortable waiting position.”

“What’s negotiated, is negotiated,” the HEEND president said. “The Brotherhood demands that the university administration and President Ferrao avoid any labor conflict and grant its workforce what has already been agreed. The Brotherhood is ready to assert all our rights now.”

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