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Urban singer Omar Courtz debuts by Pitbull to release his new single ‘Disoriented’

By The Star Staff

Joshua Omar Medina Cortes better known as Omar Courtz; celebrated great after being signed by the record label of the international artist "Pitbull". The singer-songwriter, originally from Carolina, now formally begins promoting his career with the release of the single “Disoriented’’ that comes from the label Mr. 305 Records.

“Disoriented” is a sticky theme that invites all people to dance especially in these times of so much social estrangement by COVID-19. Courtz recounts that the single is about “when life goes so fast that we feel lost. We all have a person who calls us disoriented by trouble. Sometimes we just need to give him a break from life, a break. Sometimes the wrong person is right for that moment. You have to remember that there are times when women don’t want flowers, they just want to burn them.”

Courtz revealed that he is single and uncompromising and stated that “the label will release its music by the modern method from simple to simple. It’s the trend and it’s the easiest way for how fast music is promoted right now and by the fact that now as you travel and meet other artists you can record various collaborations and release them instantly. My new single is ‘Disoriented’, but I already have two singles: ‘Dime’ and ‘Su Nota’; that were released on social networks and virtual platforms, and are already playing on major radio stations in Puerto Rico and other markets. On the other hand, I am recording several collaborations with various artists such as Dalex and Justin, who I have also composed songs for their productions.”

According to Pitbull’s expressions, “Omar Courtz considers it the new promise of the urban genre and we will make every effort to make his music heard in the universe. His musical versatility is leading him to captivate everyone’s hearts, especially women and my company bets on his talent.”

In addition to singing and composing, Courtz is a professional. Recently Courtz celebrated in a great time that he graduated as a mechanical engineer from the Universidad Interamericana.

“My message to youth right now revolves around the focus”. The world we live in is going very fast, has many distractions and there are many ways to waste time because we are so connected. Harness the power of being connected; to create, build, and educate. I believe that today we all have resources that in some way or another give us a space to undertake the career that we want, we have to use those resources to educate, to join and build. So focus on what really matters because the world is full of distractions, use them in your favor to bring new ideas that are always needed, educate yourself and let no one tell you where you can go, there are no limits,” advised the singer-songwriter.

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