US gov’t ‘unfreezes’ funds for island Education Dept.

By The Star Staff

Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia said Wednesday that the federal government has unfrozen relief funds for the island Department of Education.

“I am grateful to the secretary of the federal Department of Education, Miguel Cardona, because a few minutes ago we received a call from his office to inform us that, as requested, it was authorized to unfreeze for the Puerto Rico Department of Education over $1 billion of the funds related to the pandemic,” Pierluisi said in a written communication.

He said about $1.8 billion in Elementary & Secondary School Emergency Relief and Governors Emergency Education Relief funds could be used to guarantee the safety and health of children and youth in public and private schools on the island.

“With this large amount of money we will be able to address the challenges caused by COVID-19,” the governor said.

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