Vázquez Garced: The 120,000-plus votes she received in the primary were cast by people seeking..

‘the alternative of a governor who represents the people’

Governor doesn't deauthorize ‘Wanda Vázquez 2020 Write-In’ social media campaign, urges NPP gubernatorial candidate Pedro Pierluisi to introduce himself to her supporters to gain their endorsement

By Pedro Correa Henry

Twitter: @PCorreaHenry

Special to The Star

When a member of the press asked Gov. Wanda Vázquez Garced on Wednesday about her opinion of the 2020 write-in campaign to keep her as governor in the general elections, she did not deauthorize the campaign, saying instead that it was a “spontaneous reaction” by the people of Puerto Rico.

“That’s the people of Puerto Rico. It’s a spontaneous reaction that I have no control over, and I believe that this gives space to someone who has expressed themselves by voting that way; probably the question should be asked of them,” Vázquez said. “Those more than 120,000 people are not an ‘x’ under a brand, they’re flesh and blood people who looked for a government, a governor, a sensitive government, so I believe that that message should get to the more than 120,000 voters so whichever candidate has the support of those voters.”

When asked if she was voting for New Progressive Party (NPP) gubernatorial candidate Pedro Pierluisi after previously retweeting a post from El Nuevo Día and commenting that she was going to vote for the NPP and believed in statehood, but that people had the right to choose, to vote with their conscience for those who represent their interests and that her statements “don’t need interpreters,” Vázquez said her words were “clear enough.”

“I believe that the statements I released yesterday on social media platforms are clear enough, and when I said that they don’t need interpreters, what I meant was that what I said during an interview done by [journalist] Ferdinand Pérez was clear,” the governor said. “He asked if I was going to vote for the NPP, and I answered that I was going to vote for the NPP. In relation to who I endorse as governor, that’s not what matters. What matters here is what I said on August 16 so the candidate can present [him- or herself] as an alternative for the more than 120,000 people who voted for me in the primary elections. … What I urged [Pierluisi] to do was introduce himself to these people as the alternative with the sensibility that he could be the governor to all of these people, more than 120,000 votes that were for me. Those were my statements.”

Meanwhile, as for the appointment she announced on Monday in which attorney Raúl Márquez Hernández became the interim secretary of State, Vázquez confirmed that she will summon the Legislative Assembly for a special session to submit the nomination.

“There will be a special session; therefore, we are still reviewing the bills that will be presented in the session, and, without a doubt, we will submit the State secretary’s appointment,” the governor said.

As for Márquez Hernández’s salary, she replied that “it hasn’t been discussed, so we will wait to sit down with the secretary and negotiate.”

Vazquez’s statements came after a press conference in which she signed bills that addressed various issues from the public health field and another one that brought autonomy back to the Forensic Sciences Institute as it was separated from the Department of Public Safety.

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