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Vázquez Molina takes office as mayor of Guayama

By John McPhaul

The newly elected mayor of Guayama, O’brain Vázquez Molina, took office over the weekend in a ceremony marked by the participation and recognition of citizens of civil society in the southern coastal town’s Olimpo community.

“Before the community, I was sworn in as mayor of Guayama with the faithful commitment to attend to the needs of our people. These needs are the raison d’être for the development of innovative initiatives, creating opportunities and overcoming social inequality,” Vázquez Molina said in a written statement. “In our administration we will close the gap between the haves and the have-nots. We will promote entrepreneurship possibilities to achieve progress and achieve the collective project.”

The new mayor’s message was fundamentally based on four aspects: the promotion of economic development through the revitalization of communities, attention to the elderly population, the expansion of sports and the establishment of an ethical culture.

Vázquez Molina pointed out that “a new governance will allow us to establish a municipal structure that makes it possible and speeds up the obtaining and use of federal funds, as well as the continuity of the projects underway.”

He announced that the transition hearings process should end next week and stressed that, so far, the exchange of information has been a respectful one without findings that indicate the need for immediate action.

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