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Vega Alta celebrates 105th birthday of its oldest citizen

Vega Alta Mayor María Vega Pagán and Doña Ada Aguayo, who celebrated her 105th birthday on Saturday.

By The Star Staff

The Municipality of Vega Alta on Saturday proudly celebrated the 105th birthday of Doña Ada Aguayo, who holds the honorable title of being the oldest woman in the northern town.

Mayor María Vega Pagán said that in honor of the important milestone, a special celebration was held in recognition of Aguayo’s life and legacy.

“In a gesture of joy and admiration, we surprised Doña Ada in her home and the former leader of the municipal legislature of Vega Alta for the PDP, Pedro García, serenaded her with a mobile sound unit to accompany the occasion,” the mayor said, adding that she had the honor of offering special words in honor of Aguayo.

She read a special greeting and handed over a scroll designating Aguayo as the oldest woman in Vega Alta.

“The scroll is a testament to the respect and admiration our community has for her and her remarkable life trajectory,” Vega Pagán said.

The mayor also took the opportunity to report on the municipality’s Office of Family Affairs, which offers a broad portfolio of services especially designed to address the needs of seniors. Among the services highlighted are health care programs, wellness and recreational activities that seek to promote an active and healthy old age.

“In my agenda, I prioritize care for our beloved seniors and make sure they are given all the necessary support and attention,” Vega Pagán said. “I want to thank the community and religious leaders for their support in this feat, their constant communication and the referrals they send us to guarantee and promote the well-being of these older adults at all stages of life.”

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