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Vega Alta mayor demands action on water service

Vega Alta Mayor María Vega Pagán

By The Star Staff

Vega Alta Mayor María Vega Pagán demanded immediate action on Sunday to address the water supply problem in her municipality.

“Enough already! Since I came to the Mayor’s Office, this has been the biggest stumbling block,” the mayor said in a written statement. “Every day we have problems with the water service. Every day I receive dozens of messages from our people who are tired and frustrated at getting home and not having service.”

The mayor said “communication with [PRASA] managers has always been excellent, but that is not the case with the expected action, which goes at a snail’s pace.”

“The one that has a drought of solutions is PRASA,” she said.

Vega Pagán noted that the most affected communities are Sabana Hoyo, Pámpano, Mavilla, Candelaria and Maricao.

She said the economic situation does not help her when it comes to sending out tanker trucks to serve as temporary water stations.

“It is no longer enough for us as a municipality to send trucks to each sector or corner of our town,” the mayor said. “We need immediate action from PRASA.”

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