Vega Alta mayor to LUMA: Act to prevent water service loss

By John McPhaul

Vega Alta Mayor María Vega Pagán demanded on Sunday that LUMA Energy ensure electricity service at the plants of the Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (PRASA) to avoid the constant interruptions of drinking water service to communities in the municipality.

The mayor said the communities of Pámpanos, Maricao, Mavilla and Candelaria have had a serious problem with the supply of drinking water for several months.

“We are practically experiencing the ravages of a storm, but without rain, winds, or fallen trees knocking down power lines,” Vega Pagán said in a written statement. “If that is the case now with so much sun, it will be a nightmare if a hurricane comes.”

She said PRASA is doing everything possible to resolve the situation, “but its worst stumbling block is LUMA Energy’s negligence in trying to ensure the electricity service at [PRASA’s] plants.”

The mayor urged LUMA to stabilize the voltages, “since the lines that supply power to the PRASA plants are not the same as the residences.”

“Fluctuations in power tend to damage the pumping system, as the equipment is very sensitive to both high and low voltages,” she said.

“I am looking for a solution that is definitive and ensures both electricity and drinking water service,” Vega Pagán continued. “Here my demand is one of responsibility and collaboration, where Vega Alta cannot be held hostage by the absence of a coordinated immediate response plan. We cannot continue in these conditions of total uncertainty as to whether there is water or electricity or neither.”

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