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Video gaming expo has local focus

The expo will include the presence of video game development associations and independent associations with games being developed in Puerto Rico so that attendees can experience them for the first time.

By John McPhaul

A video gaming confab, the Red Rooster Gaming Island, begins Friday at Pedrín Zorrilla Coliseum in Hato Rey with a focus on virtual reality, retro, robotics and technology, and eSports.

Also present will be video game development associations, and independent associations that will have their games developed in Puerto Rico so that the attendees can experience them for the first time.

There also will be a section for the exchange of collector cards such as Pokémon, NBA and tennis, as well as basketball courts for the enjoyment of physical sports.

“The Red Rooster Gaming Island is something very different compared to the other events that we have organized,” noted Roberto Morales, brand manager of Team Red Rooster. “Here we have the main objective of educating people about the different facets involved in the video game industry.”

Team captain Ricardo “Mono” Román said “we have just participated in the eSports category of the first Guadeloupe 2022 Caribbean Games. For the first time, video games are part of the schedule of the Olympic Games, and we had the opportunity to represent Puerto Rico and win five medals, including two golds, two silvers and one bronze.”

Román added that “we hope to see all video game fans at the Red Rooster Gaming Island in order to share our experiences and show that our industry is in full growth and there are opportunities for the development of the various facets that involve eSports.”

Red Rooster Gaming Island will be for the enjoyment of all video game fans, but it will be also designed to offer summer camps a different and unique experience. Tickets are on sale at

Officials said Olympic medalist wrestler Jaime Espinal will also participate in the event.

“I feel very happy for everything that is happening in gaming on the island and internationally, the excellence of the performance of the athletes, and especially Team Red Rooster,” Espinal said. “See you Friday at Red Rooster Gaming Island at Pedrín Zorrilla.”

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1 Comment

Daniel Soto
Daniel Soto
Sep 15, 2023

It's fantastic to see a video gaming expo with a local focus, bringing the gaming community together. For even more exciting gaming experiences, consider exploring Argentics, a game development company dedicated to creating immersive and engaging games. Join the gaming revolution with Argentics!

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