Vieques mayor calls for greater police presence in island municipality

By John McPhaul

Vieques Mayor José “Junito” Corcino Acevedo urged the Department of Public Safety on Wednesday to deploy more police personnel, as well as equipment, to the offshore island municipality to mitigate crimes such as those that have occurred there in recent days.

In the past few days, Vieques has recorded several violent incidents. The most recent one reported by police occurred Tuesday night when a double homicide was reported at a residence in the Monte Santo neighborhood. A girl under the age of 14 was shot in the incident.

“Vieques is a peaceful town that does not deserve to be besieged by a handful of criminal elements who have no value for the life and property of others,” the mayor said in a written statement. “Enough already. In Vieques, the law is enforced and we are going to stop this wave that wants to take root.”

Corcino Acevedo said he hoped to meet Wednesday with Public Safety Secretary Alexis Torres “to seek an immediate solution to the problem of the murders and other crimes that have arisen in recent days.”

“I’m getting on a boat right now to go to San Juan to meet with the secretary and his team,” the mayor said. “Vieques is not violent and will not be. At that meeting we will create a joint plan to deal with this crisis and restore peace to our residents, as they deserve.”

For now, the mayor has instructed the municipal police to outline more effective preventive surveillance plans, he said.

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