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Vieques residents to receive free dental services

Vieques Mayor José Corcino Acevedo


As part of its program for providing health services to all residents of the island municipality of Vieques, Mayor José “Junito” Corcino Acevedo announced that on Feb. 4, the organization Dentistas Misioneros de Puerto Rico will be providing dental services, at no cost, to all

Vieques residents, including minors.

“The municipal administration of Vieques is constantly working to find resources to expand the medical [services] that our population receives,” the mayor said. “Dental health is an essential part of keeping oneself in good physical and mental condition. Therefore, on Saturday, Feb. 4, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., a team from the nonprofit Dentistas Misioneros de Puerto Rico will be providing their services, free of all costs, to our people, both children and adults.”

Services will be offered at the offices of Dr. Daphne Torres, and will be made by appointment. Those interested can send a text message to 787-741-1916 to set up an appointment.

“We thank the Misioneros de Puerto Rico group for the initiative and their willingness to support the health of Vieques by offering their services for free,” Corcino said. “It is a tremendous opportunity for all residents of our island. We encourage anyone who requires them, including those for dental cleaning, to take advantage of the opportunity and schedule an appointment as soon as possible.”

The mayor said he will continue to identify alternatives to expand dental services in Vieques over the coming months, as part of the preventive health program instituted by his administration in January 2021.

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