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Villafañe’s resident commissioner candidacy surpasses 8,000 endorsements

Sen. William Villafañe Ramos

By The Star Staff

Emilio Díaz Colón, executive president of William Villafañe Ramos’ campaign for resident commissioner announced over the weekend that to date the campaign had already officially exceeded 8,000 endorsements presented to the State Elections Commission, of which 7,000 have already been validated, as part of the requirements established by the Regulations for the Evaluation of Candidates for Elective Public Office.

“Now, we enter the final phase,” Díaz Colón said. “If we maintain the pace of submissions, we will be able to complete the goal of 9,000 submissions and the 8,000 validated and required by the beginning of [this] week.”

Villafañe, a member of the New Progressive Party delegation in the island Senate, stressed his appreciation “for everyone’s effort and support.”

“Let’s keep up the momentum to demonstrate our strength and capability en route to Washington, D.C., to work for the benefit of my beloved Puerto Rico,” he said Saturday.

The current Electoral Law establishes that in the cases of primary candidates for governor, as well as for the position of resident commissioner, the number of requests for endorsements must be 3% of the total number of full ballots validly cast for the candidate of their party for that position in the previous general election. In the case of political parties with demonstrated electoral support, that number will never be more than 8,000 petitions.

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