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Volunteerism is celebrated at Capitol

Rep. Carlos “Johnny” Méndez Nuñez

By The Star Staff

As part of his commitment to volunteerism and direct support to the minority leader for the communities, Rep. Carlos “Johnny” Méndez Nuñez late last week recognized more than 40 outstanding community leaders for the impact they make on behalf of the most disadvantaged.

“Volunteer work in favor of the communities of Puerto Rico is one of the highest expressions of selflessness; we saw it when they were hit by Hurricanes Irma and Maria in September 2017 and we see it every day in the work carried out by these extraordinary volunteers who are dedicated to improving the quality of life of their communities,” said Méndez Nuñez, the New Progressive Party minority leader in the island House of Representatives. “Recognizing their work is important to carry a message of the importance of what they do, and to encourage more people to get involved in volunteerism.”

During the event, held last Friday in the rotunda at the Capitol, the former House speaker added: “There is no feeling more important to a human being than the knowledge that he helped his fellow man.”

“Encouraging volunteerism is essential to Puerto Rico’s social development,” he said. “Events like this underscore the need for more people to get involved in serving others. These citizens that [...] we are recognizing are an example of how volunteerism continues to be the key to success in the third decade of the 21st century.”

Among the volunteers honored were Alexis Rivera, Tibilian Sánchez, Reyes Rivera, Victoria Machado, Agnes Vázquez, Luis Alvira, Johanny Llabres, Marisol Meléndez, Miguel Serrano, Astrid Morales, Minelis Mulero, Lialian Díaz, Sandra Guzmán and Pastor Dolly Rodríguez; all from the municipality of Fajardo.

Also recognized were Wanda Nieves, Evelyn Fragosa, Ángel Correo, Antonio Rodríguez and Migdalia Rosario of Luquillo. Denise Torres and Marlene Velázquez, both from Río Grande, also received a motion of recognition.

From Ceiba were Evelyn Rivera, José Soto, Danny Velázquez, Paul Martínez, Aleida Cotto, Ignacio Reinoso, Wilfredo Montes, Ruth Torres, Migdalia Marrero, Bryan Lee Santos, Norma Amaro and Ángel Sandoz.

In Culebra, Carlos Carrión and Benjamín Pérez stood out. From Vieques, Iris Sanes and Nathanael Velázquez were recognized.

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