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Vowing to fight electricity rate hikes, retailers promote Wednesday march


United Retailers Center (CUD by its Spanish acronym) President Lourdes M. Aponte Rodríguez said Monday that the business organization will continue to fight against “disastrous” increases in the electricity bill because, although the Financial Oversight and Management Board has hinted that the increases could be smaller, the ultimate decision will be made by U.S. District Judge Laura Taylor Swain.

“The picture announced by the fiscal oversight board is not clear and although the increase is minimal, we have said that neither SMEs [small and midsize enterprises] nor the people of Puerto Rico can bear another cost increase in electricity service,” the CUD leader said. “Neither large nor small, we cannot allow any more abuses. The cost of living cannot continue to rise and let our small and medium-sized entrepreneurs lose their businesses. The fiscal oversight board has to look for other alternatives to avoid another economic debacle on our island.”

Aponte Rodríguez added that now it is up to the Puerto Rico government to identify other sources from which it can meet its pension obligation to its employees, and not sacrifice the people who are not responsible for government actions.

Aponte Rodríguez called on citizens to join the People’s March, from the Capitol to La Fortaleza on Wednesday starting at 4 p.m.

“SMEs represent 95% of the establishments on the island and 43.6% of the jobs generated in Puerto Rico, and we cannot let our country succumb to the abuses of the fiscal oversight board,” the CUD president said.

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