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Wearing the blues joyfully

By Iris Edén Santiago

Special to The Star

Majolica pottery. Majolica tiles. Majolica fashion.

Dating back to the Renaissance, the Italian signature pottery has enamored generation after generation of art lovers. These fabulous majolica patterns have inspired homes, yachts, jewelry and terraces all over the Mediterranean. They have also inspired Dolce & Gabbana, who in my opinion are great ambassadors for all things Italy.

Through the years, the historic art has also inspired many of their eye-catching fashion collections. Sicily being the birthplace of Domenico Dolce and Milan, Stefano Gabbana’s, it is no surprise that the Italian House of Fashion takes inspiration from the authentic ceramic and design influences. It comes naturally.

Dolce and Gabbana are very respectful of this art form and the people who work on it. The summer 2022 collection is both a tribute to their culture and the art of majolica, as well as a wink to fashionistas everywhere who value this sense of commitment to their land and to fashion.


For their summer proposal they have reinterpreted the look of white and blue majolica. And who doesn’t love this winning combination? The simplicity and the endless possibilities of having contrasting and coordinating garments in these colors to mix and match is fantastic. Come on, an uncomplicated yet glamorous wardrobe that can take you from poolside mimosas to shopping in town to sunset cocktails looking flawless? Bring it on! This collection makes your vacation in the south of Italy, the French Riviera, or beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico, one to remember. Let the selfies and reels run wild.

Mediterranean scenes, graphic patterns and flowers in crisp white and shades of intense cobalt are created, recreated and painted on many fabrics for elegant caftans, bathing suits, scarves, trousers and sandals.

#DGbluMediterraneo is a celebration of femininity with an undeniable 1950s vibe. The sunglasses, the accessories and the attitude reminds me of that Old Hollywood glamour. The looks come through as very Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn with a hip contemporary flair.

The Mediterranean blue design is also part of the home decor line launched by the design duo in late 2021. The line includes seating, dining, home accessories and cabinetry. Back in 2018 they launched a collection of refrigerators, juicers and small kitchen appliances with the vibrant majolica designs, which was reviewed by The STAR.

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