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When are the Olympics? Here is the schedule for Beijing.

A spectator watching mixed doubles curling, which got underway on Wednesday.

By Victor Mather

The 2022 Winter Olympics are ready to start in Beijing. The time difference between China and the United States may make it tricky to figure out what will happen when, but we’re here to help.

When do the Olympics start?

The opening ceremony is scheduled for Friday evening, at 8 p.m. Beijing time. That will be 8 a.m. Atlantic time, 7 a.m. Eastern, and 4 a.m. Pacific. Unlike in some previous years, NBC will telecast the ceremony live in the United States in the morning, and then repeat it in prime time.

A handful of preliminary events are being held through Friday. But the bulk of the athletic action starts Saturday.

What is the time difference?

Beijing is 13 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time. So when it is evening in China, it is morning in the United States and vice versa.

For a quick conversion, take Beijing time, subtract one, and flip the a.m. and p.m. to get Eastern time. So 8 p.m. in Beijing is 7 a.m. Eastern. And 11 a.m. in Beijing is 10 p.m. Eastern, the day before.

Many key events will be held in the evenings in Beijing, and therefore will be in the early morning hours for U.S. viewers.

How can I watch the Olympics?

NBC, the broadcaster in the United States, has in the past saved some morning events to broadcast on tape delay in prime time on television. But the network will also livestream or telecast nearly every event live for those who want to watch in real time. In many cases, especially for West Coast viewers, watching events live will require waking up very early.

NBC has said that it plans to cover just about every event on NBC stations, various NBCUniversal-owned cable channels, and the NBC Sports app.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corp. will televise the Games in Canada.

How are the Olympics structured?

After the opening ceremony, the Games take place over 16 days. Many events, notably figure skating, Alpine skiing, hockey and curling, stretch over nearly every day of the Games. Others cover briefer periods: Luge, for example, is held in the first week, bobsled mostly in the second.

When is figure skating?

Soon! The team event, which includes many of the top stars, gets underway Friday, even before the opening ceremony. Men’s individual competition starts Tuesday morning, which is Monday night in the United States. The men’s final is two days later.

Then after ice dancing on Feb. 12 and 14, the women have their short program on Feb. 15, in the evening in Beijing and the U.S. morning. The free skate that will decide the medals is Feb. 17. The figure skating competition wraps up with the pairs event on Feb. 18 and 19.

When is skiing?

The men’s downhill kicks off Alpine skiing Sunday morning (Saturday night in the United States) and competition continues throughout the Games with a gold medal event nearly every day.

When is hockey?

The women’s competition begins Thursday, a day before the opening ceremony. The U.S. women open against Finland at 9:10 p.m. (8:10 a.m. Eastern). The men don’t get underway until Feb. 9. The gold medal games are Feb. 16 at 11:10 p.m. Eastern for the women and Feb. 19 at 11:10 p.m. Eastern for the men.

When is curling?

The first matches in the mixed doubles competition began Wednesday. Curling continues every day through the end of the Games.

What are some of the new events?

There have been no new sports added, but there are some new events in existing sports. One of the most noticeable will be monobob, a single-woman bobsled race. Also being added are a new “big air” freestyle skiing jumping event and some mixed-gender competitions, including a snowboard cross relay, a short-track speedskating relay, and team events in ski jumping and freestyle skiing aerials.

When do the Olympics end?

The final events will be held Sunday, Feb. 20, Beijing time, and the closing ceremony is scheduled that evening at 8 p.m. in Beijing, which is 7 a.m. Eastern and 4 a.m. Pacific.

When are the Paralympics?

The Winter Paralympics will open March 4 and end March 13.

Where can I find a full Olympics schedule?

The New York Times’ Olympics results page lists the date and time of every medal event in Eastern time, and will show who won gold, silver and bronze.

The official Olympics site also has a schedule of every event, including non-medal events. The events are listed in Beijing time, but you can click “change to my time” or use the above conversion.

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