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White House aims to educate Puerto Rico residents about Child Tax Credit

President Joe Biden

By The Star Staff

The Biden administration said Wednesday that it will launch a program to educate Puerto Rico residents on how they can request the Child Tax Credit (CTC), according to local news outlets.

This year the CTC will offer families $3,500 for each minor.

Gene Sperling, a White House senior adviser who is responsible for coordinating the implementation of the rescue law enacted to remedy the effects of the coronavirus, said Wednesday that the White House wants to improve performance in the United States, where he says the message has been “partially successful,” the reports said.

“We have to be tough on ourselves,” said Sperling, who was an economic adviser to former President Barack Obama. “We have to see how to reach people.”

The COVID-19 rescue law gave Puerto Ricans full access to the CTC, which until 2021 only benefited families with three or more dependent children on the island.

The statute has also made it possible to finance with $600 million, three-fourths of its cost, the employment credit granted by the Puerto Rico government.

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