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WIPR announces 3 new educational TV series

Dr. Gabriel Torres Espinoza, president of the Association of Latin American Educational and Cultural Television (Photo by Richard Gutiérrez/The San Juan Daily Star)

By The Star Staff

While some parents may be strict about how much time their children spend playing video games or watching TV, more than just a vehicle for mindless entertainment, television can be used as an informational tool.

That is exactly what WIPR, the Puerto Rico Public Broadcasting Corporation, has in mind with three new series it is preparing to air. On Thursday, WIPR President Eric Delgado Santiago made two announcements via a press conference held at the Caguas Fine Arts Center. First, he announced the visit of Dr. Gabriel Torres Espinoza, president of the Association of Latin American Educational and Cultural Television (ALECT) and general director of Channel 44 in Guadalajara, Mexico, who will work alongside WIPR for the presentation of three series “of great social, cultural and economic relevance.”

“And for the second year in a row, WIPR will become the official channel of the International Writers Congress, which will take place in April 2024 in the Caguas Fine Arts Center,” Delgado Santiago added.

One of the TV series, called “Not One Less, Not One,” which will air in March 2024, deals with the subject of the murders of women, commonly known in Spanish as “feminicidios,” which are on the rise throughout Latin America. WIPR describes it as an “impactful series that helps people reflect on the female violence crisis that many women face.”

The second series “Café Chéjov,” is based on the short story genre, and how it impacts the way we tell stories. It will air in April 2024. Lastly, “Lives and Drinks” is a series that presents the origins of different alcoholic beverages and their respective development. The latter series, planned for early next year, in particular comes along with a co-production by WIPR, in which the history of a distilled spirit of the island is told.

Along with Torres Espinoza, the press conference was also attended by Juan Manuel Calderón Jaimes, the general consul of Mexico in Puerto Rico, who remarked on the great importance of sharing the contents of the series, all of which touch on important aspects of both Puerto Rico and Mexico.

In his visit to the island, Torres Espinoza also shared first-hand the details of the International Writers’ Congress, which he said would open the opportunity for the island’s signal to reach all of Latin America.

“For WIPR this event is one that represents a unique opportunity to document and share the content of the various talks and master classes by distinguished writers,” Delgado Santiago said. “In addition, the possibility of making this content accessible to all of Latin America opens up. We thank Ivonne Class, director of the International Writers Congress, who invited us again, and [Caguas] Mayor William Miranda Torres, president of the board of directors of the Caguas Fine Arts Center, headquarters of this great event.”

In this year’s Congress, award-winning writers from Spain, France, Nicaragua, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Argentina will join their Puerto Rican counterparts on the island.

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