WIPR employees, actors hold ‘public hearings for the people’

By The Star Staff

Employees of the Puerto Rico Corporation for Public Broadcasting, known as WIPR, and members of the Puerto Rico Actors Association held a “public hearing for the people” Thursday at the Capitol in Puerta de Tierra in repudiation of House Bill (HB) 2564, which would lead to the privatization of the public television station.

“This afternoon, the Puerto Rico Actors Association did what the House of Representatives did not do with [HB] 2564, to open a space for public hearings so that the parties could explain the reasons why WIPR should remain in the hands of the people and not [pass into] the hands of a private com- pany,” said Gerson Guzmán López, president of the General Workers Union, which represents WIPR employees. “Here our actors and actresses displayed the importance of WIPR for the Puerto Rican people.”

José Vidal Martínez, president of the Actors Association, added that purpose of the legislation, which authorizes the sale of the assets of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, “is to remove from the hands of the Puerto Rican people part of what was and continues to be an exemplary instrument of collective education that affirms us as a people, and see to it that it is passed and delivered into private hands that we do not know.”

HB 2564 took root on June 18, a day after Gov. Wanda Vázquez Garced said in her commonwealth budget message that she has been and will remain firm in defending WIPR and where she also urged everyone to join together to protect this piece of cultural heritage while preserving its assets in the hands of the people.

Recently, the WIPR President Eric Delgado revealed to The San Juan Daily Star that he will soon announce his plan for the public corporation and how he will manage the funding. Delgado hasn’t said when he is releasing the plan.

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