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With transfer looming, concern raised over fate of Mayagüez zoo elephant

By The Star Staff

The Save the Dr. Juan A. Rivero Zoo Foundation demanded Wednesday that the central government reconsider the fate of Mundi, the zoo’s elephant, before the zoo’s imminent closure.

“We regret that Mundi is undergoing physical and emotional changes due to the current situation,” Lynette Matos, president of the foundation, said in a written statement.

“We are concerned about Mundi’s health, particularly because his pool of water has been taken away amid high temperatures,” Matos said. “Carol Buckley, in charge of Mundi’s transfer, is keeping [Mundi] in these worrying conditions.”

Mundi’s situation has become critical with the government’s decision to close the zoo in Mayagüez, where the elephant has resided for many years, Matos said. The foundation has called for a reconsideration of the closure.

The zoo’s closure announcement has raised numerous concerns, including those regarding Mundi’s well being. The Save the Zoo Foundation has called on citizens from Mayagüez to Aguadilla to join today in saying goodbye to Mundi.

“We urge the population to go to the gates of the Puerto Rico Zoo in Mayagüez at four in the afternoon this Thursday to witness this historic and sad moment,” Matos said.

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