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Woman reported missing is found at campground with alleged doomsday sect

By The Star Staff

A woman and her two daughters, who were reported missing last week, were identified in a video shared on social media showing a religious service in which Popular Democratic Party Sen. Albert Torres Berríos was proclaimed “king,” and on Sunday were found in the Guilarte camping area of the Adjuntas forest.

Members of her family expressed concern that the woman, Giorelis Cruz Rodríguez, is involved in a religious sect that contends the end of the world is near.

The information was provided by the Puerto Rico Police Bureau on Sunday.

“She was in some camping ground, along with other people. So far they have been found in good health,” said Police Lt. Noel Ortiz, acting director of the Ponce Criminal Investigations Corps (CIC).

Cruz Rodríguez, her 3-year-old daughter and 3-month-old daughter were reported missing Friday by the father of the minors in Santa Isabel.

Ortiz said that, once it is confirmed that the woman is in good health, she would be taken to the Ponce Police headquarters for an interview. The Family Department was also cited to appear.

“Depending on what comes out of the interviews, we will decide what the next step is going to be,” Ortiz said.

The woman was camping with other women, all belonging to a religious sect that presumably is headed by Elsa Hayden, who contends that the end of the world is near.

A video circulated in social media shows Hayden saying she arrived in Puerto Rico 62 days ago because God alerted her that there will be two earthquakes, one a 7.0 magnitude earthquake and then a 12.5 magnitude quake, followed by an asteroid or rock the size of Caguas that will hit Mona Island.

“We will have what look like atomic bombs,” she said.

Ortiz said they are also investigating the reasons why the women had padlocked the gate that provides vehicular access to the forest, which is under the administration of the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DNER).

“It’s certainly not legal,” he said.

Cruz Rodríguez’s family said the young woman was held captive by a religious sect, but Hayden’s words point to the fact that she was there voluntarily.

Cruz Rodríguez was seen in a live broadcast of a religious service held on Dec. 18 and aired on the YouTube channel “The Message 101,” which is headed by Hayden.

The video shows Torres Berríos, a senator for District 6 (Guayama), in the front row of a meeting room listening to the woman preach. At one point, Hayden points to Torres Berríos and indicates that “it was not so many days ago, now I do remember, I arrived in Puerto Rico and Albert was inviting me to bless his office in the Capitol.” Then she asks Torres Berríos to come forward and take a seat, where before he is anointed by Hayden, the woman states: “When everything happens that is going to happen shortly (in reference to some supposed earthquakes), they are no longer going to have a Capitol ... there will be no Capitol and the control is over. Perhaps there is a wall or a column or two of the Capitol left and the Lord is going to rule us here. And Puerto Rico is so blessed; Puerto Rico is going to have a king and (approaching the senator) over this man that you see, as his heart of David, the Lord will rule.”

Later Hayden says, with Torres Berríos sitting in a chair next to her, “All the nations of the world will know that Puerto Rico has a king.”

The first-term senator has denied any relationship with the alleged pastor.

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