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Women charged under gender violence law in attack on partner’s pick-up

Por The Star Staff

A woman faces charges of gender violence after she allegedly struck her partner’s vehicle with a baseball bat, police reported Wednesday.

According to the Puerto Rico Police Bureau, the events occurred last Friday in the Zamas de Jayuya neighborhood.

The woman’s partner alleged to the authorities that she had decided to separate from him and when she was collecting clothes in blankets, the woman, identified as Naydcha L. Rivera González, 28 years old and a resident of Jayuya, tore up the blankets. She then decided to leave the place without any belongings. He subsequently got into his pick-up and the accused searched for a bat inside the residence and struck the vehicle, breaking a rear window and causing damage to the vehicle’s body.

Rivera González faces charges under Article 6.06 of the Weapons Law (carrying and using a knife) and Article 3.1 of Law 54 (mistreatment). The case went before Judge Rafael Pérez Medina, who after hearing the evidence found cause on all charges, setting bail at $2,000. Bail on the Weapons Law charge was deferred through the Pretrial Services Program, and bail on the Law 54 charge was made through a private guarantor. A preliminary hearing was set for Nov. 10.

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