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Women’s advocate office extends educational campaign

Interim Women’s Advocate Madeline Bermúdez Sanabria

By The Star Staff

As part of the initiatives aimed at the prevention of gender violence, the Office of the Women’s Advocate is extending its most recent educational campaigns in various high schools and universities in Puerto Rico, interim advocate Madeline Bermúdez Sanabria said Monday.

“Through education, social change is generated and in this way, we aspire to transform situations of inequality and violence,” Bermúdez said. “Educational institutions are an ideal space to evaluate, reform and recreate society, particularly for the new generations. For this reason, during the months of August and September, our staff will visit several institutions throughout the island.”

Among the efforts is an educational campaign aimed at combating macho culture, “Recognize Yourself and Change: Macho Culture Canceled,” which is aimed at raising awareness about micromachismos -- psychologist Luis Bonino’s term for subtle acts of violence that take place in daily life and are for the most part unperceived -- how they manifest themselves and their adverse impact on the overall well-being of women and society in general.

Similarly, the #PonleFreno campaign reiterates among adolescent and adult women that control and humiliation should not be tolerated or normalized within a relationship, highlighting the importance of understanding and identifying the signs and alerts to get out in time of what can become a pattern of abuse.

Another community education effort being carried out under the #PonleFreno campaign is aimed at the prevention of sexual violence. The informational and promotional material for these campaigns is also being distributed at various traffic lights in the San Juan metropolitan area.

“We remind the community that Women’s Advocate has a 24/7 guidance line, free of charge. If you need help, you can call 787-722-2977,” Bermúdez said.

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lekor adams
lekor adams
26 févr.

The extension of an educational campaign by a women’s advocate office embodies the same principles of tailored solutions and community engagement that Da-Com champions in providing leading office technological solutions and exceptional service in Missouri and Illinois. Just as Da-Com prides itself on understanding the unique business processes and workflows of each client, creating individualized action plans based on their needs and budget, this advocacy initiative customizes its approach to education, focusing on the specific needs and challenges faced by women. By striving to build long-term, meaningful relationships with local enterprises to support community prosperity, Da-Com reflects the campaign's goal of fostering deeper understanding and support within the community for women's issues. This educational extension not only aims to empower…

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