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Women’s advocate, PR Coffee Roasters ally to help break gender violence cycle

Madeline Bermúdez Sanabria, the acting women’s advocate

By The Star Staff

In commemoration of International Working Women’s Day and with the purpose of promoting learning and growth so that women can empower themselves and get out of the cycle of gender-based violence and abuse, the Office of the Women’s Advocate (OPM by its Spanish initials) and the company Puerto Rico Coffee Roasters signed a collaborative agreement on Wednesday to jointly carry out several activities.

“I thank Puerto Rico Coffee Roasters for joining in this important public policy effort of Gov. Pierluisi, through which we promote a more just society, of respect and human dignity,” said Madeline Bermúdez Sanabria, the acting women’s advocate, in a written statement. “At the OPM we work to be an accessible and supportive resource for women and develop actions aimed at solving the problems faced by women in our society and improving their quality of life.”

During March, the OPM will hold two events entitled “Coffee to Celebrate Us,” at the Olimpo Community Center in Guayama and in San Juan, where workshops will be offered on various topics of importance to women.

At both events, Puerto Rico Coffee Roasters will be in charge of setting up a station and tastings of its Yaucono coffee brand, with a band and singer Yaire, who will also give her testimony as a survivor of gender violence.

Germán L. Negrón, general manager of Puerto Rico Coffee Roasters, said “Puerto Rico Coffee Roasters and Yaucono, the favorite brand of the Puerto Rican family, stand in solidarity with women’s fight for equality.”

“Our corporate social responsibility goes beyond coffee,” he added. “It is a duty to actively participate in these events dedicated to raising awareness and contributing to the dialogue about the importance of justice and equality for women.”

A day earlier, the OPM signed a similarly aimed collaborative agreement with the Puerto Rico Teachers Association and the island House of Representatives.

The OPM’s main purpose is to oversee the implementation of and compliance with public policy and laws for the protection of women in Puerto Rico. It has a toll-free guidance and assistance hotline, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 787-722-2977.

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