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Wounded police officer shows signs of improvement

By The Star Staff

Police officer Waldemar Burgos Rodríguez, who was wounded on Saturday during an incident at the Vista Hermosa residential complex in San Juan, continues to show improvement, Police Commissioner Antonio López Figueroa told the local press Monday.

“[Burgos Rodríguez] is responding to the commands that are being given to him; he opened his eyes, moved his limbs,” López Figueroa said in a radio interview with WKAQ. “Thanks for the prayers that all the people of Puerto Rico have put in for Waldemar to get up and be with us again.”

Burgos Rodríguez, of the San Juan Motorized Unit, was seriously wounded in the early morning hours of Saturday, after a pursuit of three individuals that began on Jesús T. Piñeiro Avenue and ended at the Vista Hermosa complex.

According to López Figueroa, the third suspect surrendered to the authorities Sunday evening.

The assailant was identified as Pedro Víctor Nieves Hernández, 23, who, according to authorities, had shot at police officers in a previous incident that occurred in 2019.

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