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XVIII Gala of the Pediatric Diabetes Foundation

Board of directors: standing, from left, Ricardo Levy, Bernardo Maldonado, Mariana Benítez, Fernando Marchán, Luis Jové; sitting, from left: Olga Hernández and Dr. Rebecca Sáenz

By Judy Gordon-Conde and Jennifer Conde-Powers

The Caparra Country Club set the stage for the sublime XVIII gala, Brilla Siempre, to benefit the Pediatric Diabetes Foundation in celebration of Diabetes Awareness Month. Following the theme of the event, guests dressed up in brilliant sparkles to honor the unique light of each young patient dealing with diabetes and to bring a positive atmosphere that is needed so much in today’s age, Mariana Benítez Hilera, executive director of the Foundation, shared during the festivities.

For most of the evening, ladies and gentlemen enjoyed a sumptuous dinner and music while Nicole Chacón, the master of ceremonies, offered inspiring stories about the Foundation’s work. The mission of this valuable Foundation is to continue filling the educational gap surrounding diabetes and to provide avenues for learning how children and adolescents living with this condition, which currently has no cure, can have the medical information needed to live fulfilling lives. The Pediatric Diabetes Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to educate, train, and support this young population with diabetes on the Island with relevant programs to promote healthy lifestyles and control their condition.

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