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Yabucoa mayor blasts CRIM plan for a virtual appraisal system

Yabucoa Mayor Rafael Surillo Ruíz

By The Star Staff

Yabucoa Mayor Rafael Surillo Ruíz harshly criticized on Tuesday an alleged plan by the Municipal Revenues Collection Center (CRIM by its Spanish acronym) to implement a new virtual appraisal system.

“During the past few days, information has emerged to the effect that the CRIM hired a company to start a property appraisal system based on satellite images to detect ‘extensions’ to residences and calculate, virtually, the tax to be paid by citizens,” Surillo Ruiz said in a written statement.

“I am not aware, moreover, that anyone in the municipality has been oriented in relation to this new virtual appraisal system,” he added.

The mayor listed some of his concerns regarding the new program:

“Who will be in charge of implementing this electronic appraisal? What criteria were used to choose them, for how long and what is the cost of the contract? What plans do you have with the municipal governments to guide them in relation to the new system and citizen claims? What mechanisms does the citizen have to object?” he asked.

The mayor indicated that one of the short-term measures that could improve the fiscal situation of the municipalities is the regionalization of the CRIM instead of continuing with the policy of centralizing functions without taking into account the mayors who, after all, should be the ones running the institution. He said he will be communicating with his counterparts in the Mayors Association to discuss the issue as soon as possible.

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