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DACO guides businesses on compliance with law to prohibit single-use plastics

Consumer Affairs Secretary Lisoannette González Ruiz

By The Star Staff

Consumer Affairs (DACO by its acronym in Spanish) Secretary Lisoannette González Ruiz, along with inspectors from the agency in the island’s five regions, visited nearly 100 businesses on Wednesday to guide and inspect them for the necessary labeling that establishes compliance with Law 51-2022, which prohibits single-use plastics in Puerto Rico.

“Our objective with these visits is to guide and educate merchants on how to comply with Law 51-2022,” . It is not about sanctioning them, but rather ensuring that all businesses understand and adopt the new regulations stipulated to avoid future sanctions,” González Ruiz said in a written statement. “At this stage, we will not be issuing fines, we will simply issue a deficiency notice for that business to catch up. We have already seen a transition; In the stores we have been visiting there are single-use plastics that are on shelves, but they are ordering them to be liquidated and for inventory of these products not to be ordered again. We have also seen compostable and biodegradable products, which are allowed.”

Of the 100 visits that the inspectors made in the San Juan metro area, Cidra, Cayey, Ponce, Dorado, Isabela, Mayagüez, Coamo, Juana Díaz and others, DACO found that 12 businesses did not have the labeling established by law. The technical staff visited supermarkets, grocery stores, food establishments, gas stations and other retail outlets.

Regarding the labeling, the DACO chief said all businesses must have it with a brief explanation that Law 51-2022 came into force on July 1 and prohibits the sale of single-use plastics. Those signs must be 8½ by 11 inches, 14 font in size and be at a height that is easy for the consumer to read (4 to 7 feet).

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