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A red carpet to celebrate

Luz Cipriota/Agustina Palma/José Pastor/Laura Laprida

By Iris Edén Santiago

Special to The Star

Thank you Spain!

After such a sad and ugly Red Carpet at the Latin American Music Awards last week, it was so fabulous to see so many stars deliver style and glamour at the 10th Annual Platinum Awards.

So much high fashion, so little space to put them all. Actors, singers and celebrities from every art form, mostly from Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil, attended the event dressed to kill. Simply brilliant. Colleagues, we are back in business. Guests, honorees and hosts did their homework, hired seasoned stylists, called the right designers and paraded along the different areas of Madrid’s IFEMA venue wearing breathtaking looks. Some classic silhouettes, some risky options, a few pops of color and a lot of glam. This is what Red Carpets are designed for, fashion moments to cherish, comment on, review and remember. And ladies, keep the fashion volume up because the number of Spanish-speaking leading actors and handsome galanes getting creative with their looks is quickly stealing the spotlight.

Women wore a lot, I mean a lot of haute couture. And we love it! Black, white and silver ball gowns prevailed, as did body-hugging sheaths with cutouts, embroideries and asymmetrical neck and hemlines. We also saw winning looks accessorized with fringes, feathers, sequins and pussy bows. Loving the dramatic dresses and jumpsuits with trains, strappy backs and floor-length capes. This is show business and fans expect to be wowed with glitz, drama and personality. Among the men rocking the carpet: Miguel Ángel Muñoz wearing a lace turtleneck in black with cherry red dinner jacket; and José Pastor, who had all eyes on him, wearing red high-waisted trousers, a burgundy see-through turtleneck and a floor-length ivory blazer with embroidered lapels and cuffs. Also very elegant, Mexican actor Emmanuel Palomares, Diego Calva, Benicio del Toro and Omar Chaparro. Among the best-dressed women: Paz Vega, Georgina Amoros, Mar Saura, Leticia Dolera, Juana Acosta, Beatriz Espejel, Carmen Machi, Blanca Paloma, Yany Prado, Leonor Walting, Esmeralda Pimentel, Veronica Caba, and Laura Laprida, who was perfection in a design by the Spanish label @delaciervaynicolas.

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