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Activists to block traffic on March 8 to demand action against gender violence

By The Star Staff

The Feminist Collective in Construction plans to block traffic on the Las Américas expressway on March 8 as part of a series of actions seeking an end to gender-based violence in Puerto Rico.

In a preliminary event designed as part of a lead-up to that mass action, the activists planned to hold a caravan on Tuesday evening as “an exercise in occupying the streets and demanding that the government address the gender-based violence crisis with the priority it deserves.”

“We will stop night traffic in the country to stop gender-based violence,” stated a call for participation in the caravan issued earlier on Tuesday. The mobilization was slated to begin on Ponce De León Avenue, in front of the main gate of the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus.

The evening protest against gender-based violence on the island was to be part of “We for Our Lives” day, in which accountability was demanded regarding the government’s management of the gender violence state of emergency in Puerto Rico and the implementation of prevention measures.

It was also part of the call for the Women’s Strike on March 8.

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