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Adviser to Senate president to run for at-large House seat

By The Star Staff

Juan Luis Camacho Semidei, a political analyst and legislative adviser to the Popular Democratic Party (PDP), officially announced his candidacy for at-large representative on Tuesday.

Camacho Semidei said in a press release that he seeks to bring his experience in both public service and private enterprise to the House of Representatives in order to address the challenges and opportunities facing Puerto Rico.

Currently serving as an aide to Senate President José Luis Dalmau Santiago, Camacho Semidei noted that among his main concerns are the difficulties faced by the island’s education system, the crisis in health services, and access to adequate services for the care and attention of Puerto Rico’s elderly. He added that he would introduce legislation that is accompanied by fiscal, social and economic studies.

Among his main proposals are:

1) Transfer the maintenance of schools to the municipalities with the necessary resources; 2) Encourage health professionals to stay on the island by making the career field attractive and non-punitive; 3) Reform social assistance systems so that working parents and/or people who care for their elderly family members are not prevented from contributing to the economy; 4) Legislate with fiscal and social studies to measure the impact on fiscal health and families.

“I strongly believe in economic development, accessible and quality education, and a health system that encourages prevention and effectively addresses the needs of our citizens,” the candidate said. “My priority will be to present legislation in favor of our children, the working class and our seniors.”

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