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Aguadilla launches tourism promotion campaign

Fashion designer Stella Nolasco

By The Star Staff

Under the slogan “Come to Aguadilla, Bring Your Chair,” the municipal administration of Aguadilla on Wednesday officially launched its city brand advertising campaign focused on promoting the northwestern coastal town and Puerto Rico as a tourist destination.

The campaign has as spokespeople the renowned Aguadillana designer Stella Nolasco, Major League Baseball star Carlos Delgado and young Karla Ortiz, recognized for her blog “A jeva with Sclerosis.”

At a conference held at the TRYP by Wyndham Hotel in Isla Verde, Aguadilla Mayor Julio Roldán Concepción, Discover Puerto Rico Chief Strategy Officer Edward Zayas, Nolasco and Discover Puerto Rico Multimedia Director Jean Paul Polo discussed the details of the work done ahead of the launch of the advertising campaign and the scope of its impact on the municipality.

“There is no doubt that the western region is one with great tourism and gastronomic attributes,” Roldán Concepción said. “With this launch of our city brand we want to position our municipality, Aguadilla, as the spearhead of recreational, gastronomic and sports tourism. We want the whole world to know that Aguadilla is opening its doors for everyone to enjoy all its attractions. This is the goal of the campaign we are launching today.”

Meanwhile, a film produced for the occasion was the first of its kind that Discover Puerto Rico has created for a municipal tourism campaign. The island’s destination marketing organization (DMO), will integrate the footage of the campaign video into its efforts to promote Puerto Rico in the mainland United States and internationally.

Nolasco expressed thanks for being invited to partake in the effort to promote her beloved Aguadilla, and hope that it produces the expected results to contribute to the town’s economic development.

“For yours truly, being part of this effort is one that fills me with great joy, pride and satisfaction,” she said. “To share with Carlos Delgado, the recognized former major league player, and the young Karla Ortiz, recognized for her blog ‘A jeva with Sclerosis,’ was a unique experience, and the hours of recording where the beauties of our city are seen will undoubtedly be part of the history of this Aguadillana.”

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