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Alas a la Mujer fashion show

From left, Marisabela Ortega, Letty Rivero, Lourdes Díaz, Elvita Gely

By Judy Gordon-Conde and Jennifer Conde-Powers

The Alas a la Mujer Foundation, whose mission is to offer psychosocial, legal, educational and economic support to women in crises due to domestic violence, sexual assault, or poverty in Puerto Rico, debuted a one-of-a-kind event with renowned fashion designer Lisa Cappalli at the Caribe Hilton Hotel.

Beautifully dressed ladies enjoyed a bazaar with exceptional gifts to start the festivities. Then they enjoyed an exquisite lunch buffet before being ushered into a captivating fashion show, “The Enchanted Forest (Mi Bosque Encantado).” The fashion show brought to life the beauty of the feminine silhouette and the romantic nostalgia of the designer.

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