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Arecibo identifying owners willing to rent property under government housing program

Arecibo Mayor Carlos Ramírez Irizarry

By The Star Staff

Arecibo Mayor Carlos “Tito” Ramírez Irizarry announced Monday that the Municipal Housing Department’s Plan 8 Rental Program is identifying owners of rental properties in order to detail information related to the economic incentives available to be part of the program.

The housing choice voucher program known as Plan 8 provides assistance to very low-income families to afford safe and hygienic housing, following strict parameters. Housing can be a single-family house or apartment, and is not limited to units located in subsidized housing projects. Housing choice vouchers are administered locally by the island Housing Department or the Municipality of Arecibo, as in this case.

“A family receiving a housing voucher is responsible for finding and choosing a suitable housing unit that the landlord agrees to rent under the program,” Ramírez Irizarry said. “The program will pay a housing subsidy directly to the landlord on behalf of the participating family. At the moment the demand for housing is high and the offers do not cover all the needs, and that is why we are actively identifying owners of empty properties to be part of the municipal inventory.”

Property owners who are interested in being part of the program should contact the Arecibo Municipal Housing Department at 787 699-8550 during business hours for information and to schedule an appointment.

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