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Arecibo plans back-to-school beach event

Arecibo Mayor Carlos “Tito” Ramírez Irizarry


Arecibo Mayor Carlos “Tito” Ramírez Irizarry announced on Wednesday a back-to-school youth event to be held on Saturday, Aug. 12 at El Muelle beach in Arecibo’s Islote neighborhood from 6 p.m. on.

“We named it ‘Back to School’ because it is the last event of this summer, in preparation to return to schools and universities,” the mayor said. “We have a high-level repertoire for the enjoyment of all locals and visitors. We will also have beach sporting events and craft stalls of great quality and creativity.”

Musical performances will include J Álvarez, Alejo, La Secta AllStar, Grupomanía and Zayas Boy.

El Muelle beach is well frequented by families due to its calm waters. There are picnic areas, and the beach is popular for recreational fishing and the use of jet skis.

The adjacent Arecibo Lighthouse and Historical Park offers the general public several attractions.

“Particularly interesting is El Faro de los Morillos, which dates from 1898, and is the last lighthouse built by the Spanish government on the island just before the Spanish-American War. It was restored and opened to the public in 2001,” Ramírez Irizarry noted. “On the grounds there are replicas of elements of the history of Puerto Rico.”

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