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ASSMCA launches new internet portal with enhanced accessibility

Carlos Rodríguez Mateo, head of the Mental Health and Anti-Addiction Services Administration

By The Star Staff

With a new design that guarantees accessibility for people with disabilities and improves the user experience, the Mental Health and Anti-Addiction Services Administration (ASSMCA by its Spanish initials) on Thursday premiered its new digital portal available at

The new page, developed by the Office of Innovation and Technology Services (PRITS), has been designed following interface and design guidelines. It also has an extensive library of all recent ASSMCA campaigns and newsletters, allowing citizens to download all material related to those initiatives.

“Our mission at ASSMCA is to ensure the delivery of integrated mental health services of optimum quality and cost-effectiveness through the development and implementation of innovative strategies,” ASSMCA Administrator Carlos Rodríguez Mateo said. “This portal specifically centralizes all the services we offer in one place and allows citizens to obtain valuable and necessary information easily and immediately.”

PRITS Executive Director Nannette Martínez Ortiz added that “from our office, we continue to develop initiatives that guarantee access to information for citizens, and certainly government portals are an essential part of this effort.”

“Specifically, this redesigned ASSMCA portal has the particularity of having, in an accessible and carefully organized way, information and documentation so that users can comfortably access them,” she said.

Rodríguez Mateo reminded citizens that if they need emotional support they can call, confidentially and free of charge, the PAS Line at 9-8-8, and to learn more about the services and programs offered by ASSMCA, those interested can visit the new portal, as well as the agency’s social networks on Facebook and Twitter.

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