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Barranquitas to hold ‘Blackout Party’ with renewed energy

Barranquitas Mayor Elliot Colón Blanco

By The Star Staff

Barranquitas Mayor Elliot Colón Blanco is inviting the entire community to the “Blackout Party,” which will take place in the eastern-central mountain town’s Monsignor Miguel Mendoza public square this Friday starting at 7:30 p.m.

The event got its name as a result of the unexpected blackout that took place during the night of the town’s Christmas lighting when the Quisqueya Ensemble was in full performance.

A power outage by LUMA Energy left the town’s traditional center without power, forcing the cancellation of the celebration.

In response to that challenge, Colón Blanco decided to transform adversity into opportunity, giving rise to what is now known as the “Blackout Party.”

The activity will be full of music and joy, the mayor said, with outstanding performances by the Cantores de Bayamón, Los Animales Parranderos, and Joseph Fonseca, who were originally scheduled to close the night of the “switch-on.”

In addition to the excellent musical lineup, attendees will be able to enjoy artisan kiosks, taste delicious traditional food and enjoy the festive atmosphere that will adorn the square and the traditional town center for the occasion.

Colón Blanco said “this Blackout Festival has united us as a people and has shown our resilience.”

“Christmas in Barranquitas is unique, and the positive attitude of our people has made it possible to resume the celebration,” he said. “This time, all the logistics of the stage, lights and music will be supported by electrical generators, ensuring that we will enjoy great music and the distinctive camaraderie of the people of Barranquitas throughout the night.”

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