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Bidding process underway for Aguada highway project

Aguada Mayor Christian Cortés Feliciano

By The Star Staff

Aguada Mayor Christian Cortés Feliciano announced earlier this week that the bids notice for the revitalization of the southern detour municipal road, called Avenida Nativo Alers, was published in the general press.

“Restoring this important road has been one of our commitments,” the mayor said. “The project is a very broad one, which includes applying asphalt completely, along with the installation of approximately 106 lighting poles to provide greater safety, as well as the management of the sidewalks, complying with federal ADA [Americans with Disabilities Act] regulations.”

Nativo Alers Avenue serves as access to the Pico de Piedra Spa and highway PR-115, which connects Aguada with the Municipality of Rincón.

“The project includes the mitigation of a bridge and the eastern part of the bypass, to prevent flooding,” said Cortés Feliciano, an engineer by profession. “In addition, we will take into account the electrical, potable and sanitary water infrastructure. I’m going to make sure that this project is carried out with the proper planning process.”

The project is funded by the federal Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Relief-City Revitalization Program. The avenue is named after a well-known Aguadeño citizen, Nativo Alers, who was a municipal legislator.

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