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Bill provides roadside assistance option in drivers’ compulsory insurance coverage

By The Star Staff

At-large Rep. José “Che” Pérez Cordero filed House Bill 1718 with the Transportation, Infrastructure and Public Works Committee in the lower chamber this week, legislation mandating that any insurer that provides compulsory liability insurance include the option of adding roadside assistance coverage to its coverage.

“Through this measure we seek to facilitate the lives of drivers who travel on public roads every day,” Pérez Cordero said Monday in a written statement. “Ensuring the safety of drivers on public roads is vital. Therefore, in case the car suffers a mishap such as a flat tire or needs fuel and the driver voluntarily took advantage of the Roadside Assistance policy, he would be counting on this important benefit. Remember that the purpose pursued by this measure is to safeguard the lives of drivers in case they suffer a mishap while driving. Nor should we lose sight of the fact that a large number of citizens who drive on public roads are adults over 60 years old, or mothers caring for their children, so the approval of this measure would be of great benefit to them.”

Optional roadside assistance coverage gives every vehicle owner in Puerto Rico the option of being provided with direct assistance when a road mishap occurs. Under the legislation, the owner of a vehicle would have the option of adding such coverage at the time of purchase of the compulsory insurance.

According to the measure, every insurer that provides compulsory liability insurance will provide the option of adding roadside assistance coverage. Minimum roadside assistance coverage would consist of: assistance in changing tires, gasoline supply service (1 gallon per incident), free battery recharging and towing service.

The premium to be paid for such optional coverage would be established by the commonwealth insurance commissioner.

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