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Bills would make medical cannabis legal for 18-20-year-olds with parental consent

Rep. Joel I. Franqui Atiles

By The Star Staff

Individuals ages 18-20 will be able to obtain a medical cannabis permit with parental authorization if legislation introduced by New Progressive Party Rep. Joel I. Franqui Atiles becomes law.

The lawmaker has introduced two bills that would amend Act 42-2017, the Medical Cannabis law, which allows the use of marijuana for medical reasons.

House Bill 1734 would grant a period of six months so that those who possess cannabis and do not comply with Act 42-2017 provisions can correct the non-compliance and obtain the status of a qualified patient, thus avoiding criminal prosecution under the Controlled Substances Act.

However, should the user fail to comply with the requirements within six months, he or she must face criminal prosecution.

House Bill 1735, meanwhile, would allow young people in Puerto Rico aged 18 to 20 to access a medical cannabis dispensary with a valid consumption authorization for a period of up to six months, as long as they have the consent of their parents or legal guardians duly registered in the database of the Medicinal Cannabis Regulatory Board.

The goal is to allow sick underage patients to benefit from the use of medical marijuana with the consent and supervision of their parents or legal guardians.

In Colorado and Washington, minor patients over 18 are allowed to receive treatment with medical cannabis with the prior authorization of their parents or legal guardians.

Both measures, introduced earlier this month, were referred to the Government Committee of the House of Representatives for evaluation.

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