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Boys to men

By Iris Edén Santiago

Special to The Star

Except maybe dinner jackets, 007 tuxedos and Wall Street business suits, men’s fashion today is anything but conventional or predictable.

If Harry Styles, Idris Elba and JBalvin ring a bell, you can see clearly what I mean. Men’s fashion has quickly transitioned into feminine silhouettes and funky garments.

It’s not just men wearing skirts or celebrities bending fashion rules for shootings in gold brocade corsets. In 2022, it goes beyond diversity or inclusion. It is about identity and personal expression. Younger and audacious executives are directing global influences that pave the way for a new society. If the fashion collections for men presented this week on the island are any indication of these trends, Puerto Rican designers are rocking the new approach.

Local designers José Raúl, Juan Colón, Herman Nadal, David Antonio and Leonardo Cordero presented cool new fabrics, embroideries, glitter, textures, lace and ruffles -- the foundations of a very complete and complex summer wardrobe. Leonardo Cordero Suria, formal wear designer extraordinaire, showcased very modern versions of suiting and tuxedos for men and women. From the very traditional menswear to sexy single and double breasted suits with contrasting lapels using an interesting color palette that included mint, pink, mustard, orange and turquoise.

Remember boys, very few men can get away with an off-the-rack suit let alone a 3-piece tuxedo. Leonardo Cordero can suit you up with made-to-measure options that will elevate your look and build up your self-confidence.

Also winning at Leonardo Cordero’s runway? Sparkling men’s loafers. From our seats, we think models wore them in black, gold and silver. Love them! These shoes definitely are the perfect accessory around the clock. Bling bling is always a great idea.

Skinny pants, overalls, flared trousers, feathers, cropped tops, body-skimming tops, sheer blouses. There is a look for every man in the house. Men’s styling is hot, also the place where women are taking ideas from. These collections are ageless, genderless, fun and fearless. You’ve got to give it to them, ladies, the attitude in these runways is contagious. A look at the audience was an instant reminder of the likeability these garments command. These collections are flying off the racks.

David Antonio went with wide-leg pants, fitted shirts and bomber jackets, trends that are going strong. José Raúl’s collection “White” was impeccable and Juan Colón presented “Nature,” a bold and tropical collection where florals and vivid colors added a happy vision in pink, green, violet, yellow and burgundy. Herman Nadal went with urban looks and beachwear using mauve, coral, red, lavender, green and lemon.

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