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Carolina district senator lauds work of municipal legislators

Sen. Marissa Jiménez Santoni

By The Star Staff

Sen. Marissa “Marissita” Jiménez Santoni gave recognition earlier this week to the work of municipal legislators in the District of Carolina.

“You are key and very important pieces in each of the 10 municipalities that make up our beloved District of Carolina,” the New Progressive Party senator said late Monday. “You are, in short, the elected officials closest to our beloved constituents.”

The delivery of Congratulatory Motion 0857 in the Protocol Hall of the Capitol was part of Municipal Legislator Week observances.

“The municipal legislator is one of the most important figures in the structure of municipal government,” Jiménez Santoni said. “This is the delegate elected by the people and to whom their confidence is granted, to represent them with dynamism in the struggle for the rights of all constituents.”

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