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Central University of Bayamón to accept American University students

Central University of Bayamón will accept all active American University students who meet the established standards of progress and achievement, until the summer of 2023.

By The Star Staff

Central University of Bayamón (UCB) Interim President Fray Oscar Morales announced on Wednesday that the school signed an agreement with American University (AUPR) to receive students from AUPR, which will soon cease to operate.

“We stand in solidarity with the AUPR in these moments of unrest,” Morales said in a written statement. “We reiterate our commitment to support them in this transition process and deeply thank its president, Juan Nazario Torres, for making us part of this collaboration in favor of AUPR students and the fulfillment of their academic and professional goals.”

As part of the established resolutions, UCB will accept all active students who meet the established standards of progress and achievement, until the summer of 2023. Likewise, it will accept inactive AUPR students who wish to resume their studies at UCB, for a period of 12 months after the signing of the agreement.

Meanwhile, an academic adviser will be appointed to work with AUPR transfers directly. In addition, transfer students will be exempted from the admission fee.

UCB staff will visit the AUPR campuses in Bayamón and Manatí, in coordination with the dean of AUPR students, in order to guide interested students around curricular issues, cost benefits, financial assistance and the variety of services available to the student body.

UCB also will guide each student on the evaluation process for credit validation. To comply with the resolution, UCB conducted an analysis of the academic programs that the two institutions have in common and developed a series of equivalence tables, in order to streamline the transfer process.

Polytechnic University and Inter American University have made similar agreements with AUPR to accept students.

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