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Coast Guard reserve crew to conduct training exercises

By The Star Staff

Coast Guard reserve crews from three Port Security Units (PSUs) will conduct exercise “Poseidon’s Domain” along the northeast and eastern coasts of Puerto Rico from April 8 to 25.

The exercise will train the crews of the 305th, 307th and 309th PSUs on duty from the Coast Guard Reserve PSU in support of national defense and homeland security missions.

PSU training events will include boat operations, unmanned aerial systems operations, and establishment of the Life Support Area. PSU crews will also work with the U.S. Reserve Army’s 432nd Transportation Company, U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Fajardo Maritime and Air Operations Unit, the FURA Maritime Surveillance Division and the Puerto Rico Police Vieques District to enhance joint maritime security capabilities in the region.

“We look forward to this valuable and extraordinary training opportunity in Puerto Rico,” Lt. Cmdr. Ydania Matos, chief of the logistics department for the Coast Guard’s 307th Port Security Unit said in written statements.

“We appreciate the support and hospitality of the people and communities within the exercise area that will contribute to our success in maintaining our preparedness capabilities to defend and protect our great nation whenever and wherever necessary,” she said.

Coast Guard PSU crews also plan to conduct community service and other community outreach activities during their time in Puerto Rico. Scheduled exercise activities are not designed to disrupt daily life, tourism, or impact the local environment. PSUs notified local officials in Ceiba and Vieques, and should raise no cause for alarm for the public or local authorities.

The Coast Guard has eight PSUs located across the islaand as part of the organized service’s Deployable Specialized Forces program for sustained expeditionary security and counterterrorism roles. They provide Anti-Terrorist Force Protection support, including port and harbor defense, High Value Asset protection, expeditionary security, Maritime Lines of Communications, special missions, and coastal surveillance. PSUs typically operate under the direction of the Coast Guard’s Pacific Area Command and are unique in that they are the only Coast Guard reserve units that can be quickly requested to deploy by the Department of Defense in support of a regional combat commander.

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